Wednesday, 28 May 2014

High Street Fashion that quite frankly I'm missing

So here in Perth, Western Australia, we enjoy a mild climate, beautiful beaches and amazing's paradise. Almost!...Unfortunately, this stand-a-lone city seems too far for so many of those leading High Street stores to grace us with their fashion presence.

  So what are we missing? I hear you ask. Well below are those labels that I really am missing from the UK and some stunning outfits to keep you inspired. Thank goodness for the internet.  Keeping the change in season in mind...let's keep an eye out for the sales as most places now deliver..happy days!




Now I know Zara has a store in Melbourne and Sydney and I keep hearing it will be coming to Perth soon, but as yet it has not arrived. Here are some of my current faves. I proudly own quite a number of Zara outfits. I have to say, my credit card really got a battering in the store in Northern Spain when I visited last.  There were so many pieces on their website currently. The prices even after conversion are very exciting.

Another place where you can grab fantastic yet stylish bargains. These pencil skirts are very cute, don't you think?

And this dress from River Island is currently reduced.

How to host a 'posh' babyshower PART II -Petite Posh Parties

Sometimes in our job we get asked to theme a party for someone with a special story. This one was no exception. My favourite jobs are the ones where our clients simply give us a budget and say 'go for it - do what you do best'.  That was exactly the case with this party, so Katherine and I were able to get creative.

So our's a boy, we want something stylish and sophisticated and we want a lolly bar!

"Your wish is our command" we said :-)

Swizzle sticks placed in an open bowl with blue chocolate balls.
Multi layered coloured chocolate balls.
Apothecary jars add elegance to anything in our opinion.
A blue jelly baby placed into each person's champagne glass.
Very sweet.

Milk bottles have become a favourite of ours to use for baby showers.

The pegs were our labour of love.
 As there were so many lollies, the guests were able to take bags home to share with their families.
We added a rustic touch to an otherwise elegant setting with this bunting.

The guests helped themselves to Champagne, soft drinks and water from these cool bottles.
Served in milk bottles. We topped them up with edible glitter.

 This vintage prop was placed with a sign for a place for guests to leave gifts.

These were custom designed and made lovely party favours.

No baby shower is complete without a game or two.

This sign is one of our faves. Placed next to the drinks and our gorgeous acrylic glasses.

Monday, 26 May 2014

A Styling Blog

I wanted to write this blog on the one hand as an outlet for my personal creativity, to offer a place where fellow fashionistas and party stylists could come together and to provide inspiration with words, sayings and photos. On the other hand it enables me to write about some of the parties we have been involved in and continue to be involved in. I also find more and more that I am enjoying advising clients and our facebook likers on various entertaining elements so finally this is a chance to put that information together for you. I hope you enjoy this styling blog as much as I will putting it together.
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How to host a 'posh' Baby Shower

Baby showers were not around when I was living in the UK, but here in Australia, I was amazed at their popularity.  I hear they are now increasingly common in the UK too.  If you know of a special some one that is pregnant and you would like to plan their baby shower but want to make the event sophisticated.  I've put together this guide.

Chat about the planned event with the 'mother to be'

It maybe is not such a great time for a surprise party. You can however, keep some of the details of the event to yourself until the day. It's a good idea to discuss some dates and get some idea of what the expectant mother would like, whether it be a high tea, and informal lunch, a buffet or a breakfast as well as who is on her guest list so as to avoid upsetting anybody.

It's a good idea to enlist some help

If you are hosting the occasion at home, you may wish to contact a catering company, a party stylist or hire company depending on the size of your event.  If you are working on a smaller budget, you may wish to delegate some of the jobs to mutual friends. In Australia, it is quite common for friends to bring a platter.  Make sure you know what everyone is planning on making or bringing so that there is a nice variety and always cater for allergies and dietary requirements. 


No babyshower is complete without Champagne.  To keep costs down, you could ask the guests to contribute a bottle or stick to a nice sparkling. It helps to set the ambience and gets everyone in the mood. It's always a great idea to raise your glass in wishing the new mother good luck.

Babyshower games

…should be embraced. There is quite a selection available on the internet.  You should keep the games classy and avoid embarrassing any guests or the expectant mother.  The chosen games, should of course, be baby related. You’ll find that the guests will thoroughly enjoy all the games.


Gift registries are increasingly popular or the mother may simply wish give an idea of what is needed.  However, any present will no doubt be greatly appreciated. The baby often receives so much that is quite often a nice idea for a small group to club together and buy treat the expectant mother.  It is the norm for the gifts to be opened during the shower, however, this can quite often be quite tedious for the guests and overwhelming for the mother depending on the number of presents, if this is the case, it may be worth splitting the present opening into two sections, after a toast and again at the end of the event.

Thank you cards

Most people go to somewhat effort to choose a welcoming gift for the new baby.   It is a nice idea to have someone keep a record of the gifts received and who sent them so that the recipient/s may send out a thank you card to her guests.


In our next post we will be blogging some of our recent baby showers with some ideas to help you.  I welcome any comments below.

The thing I'd like to know is, do you think one babyshower for the firstborn is adequate? Or is it acceptable to have a babyshower for each baby?
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I wanted to create a page where I could update some fashion styling inspiration. Week by week I will create a theme and add my current selection and web links of where the items can be purchased. This week I have chosen three dresses from the theme THE CUT OUT COCKTAIL DRESS. Three dresses in three price ranges.
I simply love metallic and cut out dresses!
So when I came across this dress, which is perhaps a little on the pricey side, I was in love!!! I think this dress would be a talking point, don't you?
 Hervé Léger
Cutout metallic bandage mini dress

My next choice is another little cut-out number, this time from Constantina & Louise, price $450. I think it's stunning, and it's inspiring me to get back to my gym classes.

Thirdly, who can forget the Asos website. I visit there quite often.  This summer dress from Solace London caught my eye and it's a steal at $156.86!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Perth Party Hire - Petite Posh Parties

Petite Posh Parties is Katherine and Julia's Perth party hire and styling business. We cater to all small events (and even events for small people).  Both mothers driven by their love for all things beautiful and stylish.  They also both love to party!!!!

Petite Posh Parties offers customised party styling packages in consultation with clients. The other arm of the business focuses on party hire. Package options are available (see our website as are individual hire items and we also deliver! All products have been carefully selected enabling us to offer a unique party experience.


Breakfast at Tiffany's, dispenser plus acrylic glassware.

Our signature children's table setting.
 (Childrens party hire ghost chair)

We creatively personalise events.


Aiming to be different in the market place. We understand that sometimes hiring beautiful one-off pieces can help bring an important event together. Saving money and storage.

Our stunning Italian glassware is one example.

Our T2 teacups are so beautifully detailed and colourful.

All of our products can be used separately. We think long and hard before making our selections. For example this range can be used on a children's pink themed table as well as on an adults Moroccan dining table. 
We also accessorise!

Katherine and Julia on Cup Day 2014.
(Left to right; Katherine wearing Ladder by Hariett Gordon Dress  (Perth local designer)  and Julia in Sass and Bide with Swarovski head piece.

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Gala Night

Last week we had so much fun when we attended the school gala. The ladies all looked stunning in their dresses and the men too looked so handsome.  I wanted to share some of the outfits from the night.
These two looked beautiful from the front and back.