Monday, 9 June 2014

Children's party hire

Children's party hire (Perth)

Time to talk a bit more about some of our fabulous party hire items.

I can't help but get excited about some of the products Katherine and I have sourced over the past year. Based on that, this blog post will not be too wordy but simply show you some of our products and how you can put them together (affordably) to make your kids party an elegant and memorable event.

All of our hire products are available individually or in packages.

Mini Children's Tables and tablecloth

1. It stands to reason that your mini guests won't feel too comfortable sitting at a big table, these tables are readily available in most hardware stores if you do choose to purchase.  Personally, I don't have the storage so hiring is a great option.   Ours adjust to three heights but are not complete without our signature white tablecloth and table runner (you can choose your own table runners to suit your theme).

Children's mini ghost chair

2. Again, it stands to reason that your 'petite' guests will need 'petite' chairs.  Our children's ghost chairs are stunning and can be used for either boys or girl's parties.  If you are putting an event together and can not get hold of this particular chair, Ikea have some great stock of chairs, and I'm sure if you ask around you can borrow lots of different kids stools, sometimes the mix and match options look can be very effective, think vintage!! However, if you do that, we recommend a very simple setting.
(As you can see in this photo, you can tie goodie bags, ribbons or anything to the ghost chairs to match your theme).



Glassware and cake stands

So now you have your setting almost complete.  I know there are many gorgeous products on the market that fall under the glassware and cake stand category; Once more you may not wish to spend the money or to store the goods. The hire option allows you to a) use products that you may not usually purchase yourself due to cost b) use products that suit the colour or theme of your party c) use products that suit the food you have chosen to serve.
We have lots of gorgeous products available to choose from...I couldn't possibly post all the photos here, however, I hope this gives you a really good idea.
(Acrylic cocktail, wine, champagne glasses. We love this look and so do the children and mummies. Unbreakable glass!!)
(Our milk bottles and mason jars are also very cute. Simply add a coloured straw for your styling).
Just a few of our collection of cake stands.

Once you have the above in place, you are all set for a fabulous looking party.  It really doesn't take much, simply by using the children's tables, tablecloths and ghost chairs you just can't go wrong.
Recognising how busy lifestyles are these days, Petite Posh Parties offer a delivery and set up as an optional extra.
 Soon I'll be posting about some healthy and easy party food ideas.
Please feel free to leave questions or comments and I'll get back to you.

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