Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Breakfast at Tiffany's Birthday

Late last year, I was racking my brain for inspiration for a birthday theme for my little girl who was about to turn 6.  We were pretty adamant that for this year's birthday we would turn the house into 'Wonderland' and my little Alice would tell all her guests to come dressed up as their favourite Mad Hatters or Queen of Hearts.  That idea is still in my head. I had sourced and even bought some amazing products.
Here are some ideas for you in case you decide to host an Alice Party. Any of these items are easily found by doing a Google search.

*Giant Playing Cards to hang around the house/venue.
*Eat me tags or food
*Mad Hatter Party Hats
*Alice In Wonderland Tutu for the party girl
*Tic Toc biscuits as tea cups (see below)


Back to the Breakfast at Tiffany's Birthday (I think I got distracted there....!)

However, my soon to be 6 year old had other ideas.  I was actually fairly surprised when she said 'mummy, I want to dress up like her..' she was at the time, looking at a birthday card given to my then German aupair. I looked and saw she was not speaking about Alice or any Disney character to my surprise but in fact the late and great Audrey Hepburn.  Sometimes inspiration can come from the most bizarre places. So the idea to host a Breakfast at Tiffany's birthday party took off.  We already had a few items that I knew straight away that I could use. So Katherine and I set about creating the event.
In the end I had so many photos that I have just posted a few here to help you pla your Tiffany's party.

Some other elements of the party included:
*We asked all the little girl's to come dressed up in their favourite little party frocks and adorn some costume pearls

Our homemade heart shaped coockies.

We used a mirror as a tray and layered glasscakestands to form our own display.  The holly on the cake was a nice Christmas touch.

Sweet cupcakes by 'Sweet on Cupcakes'.
Sometimes, the finer details that make a party can be painstakingly time consuming. Always a good idea to leave yourself plenty of time to get creative.  However, it's these details that sets your parties apart, and the guests adore such details.

Inside each of these boxes were small rings for the girls to wear. I'd purchased them at Lovisa. The girls also enjoyed wearing the big black sunglasses and the fake pearls.
Here was the mini set up before the food. All our items (Pom poms, children's tables and children's ghost chairs etc. are available for hire).

And here is my gorgeous mini-Audrey Hepburn!

Many more photos available here!

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