Wednesday, 28 May 2014

High Street Fashion that quite frankly I'm missing

So here in Perth, Western Australia, we enjoy a mild climate, beautiful beaches and amazing's paradise. Almost!...Unfortunately, this stand-a-lone city seems too far for so many of those leading High Street stores to grace us with their fashion presence.

  So what are we missing? I hear you ask. Well below are those labels that I really am missing from the UK and some stunning outfits to keep you inspired. Thank goodness for the internet.  Keeping the change in season in mind...let's keep an eye out for the sales as most places now deliver..happy days!




Now I know Zara has a store in Melbourne and Sydney and I keep hearing it will be coming to Perth soon, but as yet it has not arrived. Here are some of my current faves. I proudly own quite a number of Zara outfits. I have to say, my credit card really got a battering in the store in Northern Spain when I visited last.  There were so many pieces on their website currently. The prices even after conversion are very exciting.

Another place where you can grab fantastic yet stylish bargains. These pencil skirts are very cute, don't you think?

And this dress from River Island is currently reduced.

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