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How to host a 'posh' Baby Shower

Baby showers were not around when I was living in the UK, but here in Australia, I was amazed at their popularity.  I hear they are now increasingly common in the UK too.  If you know of a special some one that is pregnant and you would like to plan their baby shower but want to make the event sophisticated.  I've put together this guide.

Chat about the planned event with the 'mother to be'

It maybe is not such a great time for a surprise party. You can however, keep some of the details of the event to yourself until the day. It's a good idea to discuss some dates and get some idea of what the expectant mother would like, whether it be a high tea, and informal lunch, a buffet or a breakfast as well as who is on her guest list so as to avoid upsetting anybody.

It's a good idea to enlist some help

If you are hosting the occasion at home, you may wish to contact a catering company, a party stylist or hire company depending on the size of your event.  If you are working on a smaller budget, you may wish to delegate some of the jobs to mutual friends. In Australia, it is quite common for friends to bring a platter.  Make sure you know what everyone is planning on making or bringing so that there is a nice variety and always cater for allergies and dietary requirements. 


No babyshower is complete without Champagne.  To keep costs down, you could ask the guests to contribute a bottle or stick to a nice sparkling. It helps to set the ambience and gets everyone in the mood. It's always a great idea to raise your glass in wishing the new mother good luck.

Babyshower games

…should be embraced. There is quite a selection available on the internet.  You should keep the games classy and avoid embarrassing any guests or the expectant mother.  The chosen games, should of course, be baby related. You’ll find that the guests will thoroughly enjoy all the games.


Gift registries are increasingly popular or the mother may simply wish give an idea of what is needed.  However, any present will no doubt be greatly appreciated. The baby often receives so much that is quite often a nice idea for a small group to club together and buy treat the expectant mother.  It is the norm for the gifts to be opened during the shower, however, this can quite often be quite tedious for the guests and overwhelming for the mother depending on the number of presents, if this is the case, it may be worth splitting the present opening into two sections, after a toast and again at the end of the event.

Thank you cards

Most people go to somewhat effort to choose a welcoming gift for the new baby.   It is a nice idea to have someone keep a record of the gifts received and who sent them so that the recipient/s may send out a thank you card to her guests.


In our next post we will be blogging some of our recent baby showers with some ideas to help you.  I welcome any comments below.

The thing I'd like to know is, do you think one babyshower for the firstborn is adequate? Or is it acceptable to have a babyshower for each baby?
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